Fake Google Phone About As Real As Joan Rivers' Face

Yesterday, I called out Engadget Mobile for reporting about an insanely fake Gucci Phone. Well today it seems I have to bash The Giz/MobileBurn for doing some terrible fabricating. See this “Google Phone” that was found on a “survey site”? Totally fake. Look at the “glare” going on here. Last I checked, glares don’t like someone Bryce would draw up for our little buddy on the Daily Crunch. Plus, that QWERTY keypad doesn’t even have any writing on it! Just a few vague white dots. Lame. But did that stop The Giz from reporting it?

Of course not. They’ll talk about anything. So they went the extra step and treated it as a real phone, listing a bunch of fake ass specs and everything. “manufactured by Samsung”? “3G, WiFi, 2MP camera”? That doesn’t just seem a little over-the-top? To top it off, they had the nerve to even state some BS plan the phone will come with. An “internet monthy flat fee with a 3-month discount” is about as fake as it gets in my book. Rumor diminished, move on people. No Google phone is coming anytime soon and until Google sends us, you, or someone else some specs, it’s all fake.

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