AnyFix: Charge Any Phone, Any Time

Chalk it up to the ‘talians for good pizza, pasta, and yours truly. They tend to make some good stuff everywhere from food to fashion. Now the latest, greatest invention to come out of Italy is the AnyFix, a universal phone charger that is designed to recharge more than 80% of cellphones on the European market. It comes from the genius mind of Prof. Luigi Colani who has quite the lengthy experience in industrial design (like, 50+ years worth d00d).

The device works by plugging it into an electrical outlet and choosing a specific phone charger and hitting that beautiful red button. Now if they could invent one for the US market, every tech-journalist and gadget freak would buy one up for the convenience factor, if not the design. More info will come out during CEBIT, so keep your ears open and fingers crossed.

AnyFix. The first universal mobile phone charger [Textually]