Palm Hires iPod/Finder Programmer

High on a desert plateau, Apple’s headquarters bristles with sensors and weapons systems. They let scientists in but they don’t let them out. Turner is a mercenary, a corporate extraction specialist who was recently put back together after getting hit by a slamhound. His memory is intact, but he’s a different person – cold, mechanical, and in it only for the money.

Circling in an ultralight aircraft, Turner sends out the signal to begin the procedure. Paul Mercer, former Apple engineer, is supposed to be standing in the darkness, waiting to be taken to Palm HQ where he will hopefully save the company both financially and technologically. But when Turner lands and finds a shivering 15-year-old girl, is he in for more than he bargained for?

What happens next? Find out in William Gibson’s Mona iPhone Overdrive.

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I know it’s Count Zero I’m describing but I couldn’t figure out a stupid iPhone joke that fit with Count Zero
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