Bose Media System Pimps Out That Dashboard Of Yours

If I asked you what company will have it’s in-dash navigation/media system in a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, you would probably say Alpine, right? Nope! Bose is making a huge dent on the market with its new Media System, an in-dash navigation device that can do pretty much anything your mind can dream of. Included are FM and XM Radio, CD player, a 30GB hard drive that can hold MP3s, Bluetooth 2.0, and iPod connectvity, as well as a fantastic GPS unit. But that isn’t the best part…

The Bose Media System features proximity-detecting features where the screen will switch to wherever your hand is placed. So if you’re listening to a CD but suddenly need directions, as you start to hit the button, the screen will already have switched and will be ready for your command. Very sweet. No pricing has been announced but I’d expect to pay over $1000 for it.

Bose dashboard mount does music, GPS [Electronista]