Zenum Organum Portable Media Player: Looks are Everything

The Zenum Organum portable media player player makes up for its underwhelming stats and features with its overall aesthetic. In other words, it looks really good. Might you call it iPhone-inspired?. Those features? Try 2GB of storage, 1.8-inch screen and support MP3, ASF, WMA and WAV. Pretty basic stuff, which is why Zenum had to go out of its way to make it all shiny and pretty. It should be here by the end of the year.

Zenum pulled one of these “it’s so terribly basic, but boy does it look swell!” stunts last year when it starting showing off its Opteris smartphone. Incidentally, the Opteris might even see the light of day during next week’s CeBIT. Let no one ever tell you style is not any more important than substance.

Product Page [Zenum via Unwired View]