Reebok: Voltron Edition

I initially thought these were Reebok’s answer to the Nike Tranformers, but sadly I was mistaken. I thought it inappropriate to post these since they have nothing to do with technology or gadgetry, but I know our readers remember and love Voltron. Regardless, just take a moment and imagine what it would be like to have these fly kicks come together and form Voltron Force?! The five models represented are the Court Victory (Black Lion) Pump Omni Lite (Yellow Lion) Ventilator ( Blue Lion) ERS Racer (Green Lion) and the Insta Pump Fury ( Red Lion.) Word on the street is the corresponding lion will accompany each set. I had an original die-cast set and two sets of crappy plastic ones. What about you? They hit the streets October 1. If you’re new to Voltron then keep reading for a super sweet video.

Voltron [via Gearfuse]