MyNetscape to Launch Today: More Ajaxy Muck

MyNetscape (which is down as of 3 am PST) officially relaunches today as a customizable Ajax homepage for it’s users. The Netscape blog has details.

Like Netvibes, Pageflakes, GoogleIG, MyYahoo, and many, many others (who am I missing?), users will have the ability to choose from “just under 100 modules” of customized content, and add RSS modules for favorite feeds.

Netscape’s user base is not exactly cutting edge, and AOL is clearly taking good ideas from new startups and seeing if their users will consume them. Netscape became a Digg clone in mid-2006, and now my.netscape is to jump on the Ajax homepage bandwagon. It’s nothing to criticize them for, but it’s nothing to get excited about, either. The long, slow decline of this once great company continues.

See ReadWriteWeb for more, which asks “Can Netscape’s user base handle yet another web 2.0 overhaul?”