Home Theater Watch: Where a 1.5-inch Screen Means "Theater"

The Home Theater Watch holds a whopping 2GB of memory, which you can fill with MP3s, WMAs and proprietary video files. That’s right, don’t go thinking you can just load up any ol’ Xvid on here. No, sir. Included software converts video files (granted, from the most popular formats like AVI, MPEG and WMV) into the format used by the watch. No word on if this magical software works on a Mac, but we’re guessing it doesn’t.

Once you covert the video files into a format the watch likes, you’ll have the pleasure of watching it all on 1.5-inch screen. It’s $150, which works out to $1 per 0.01 inch. In other words, a sound investment.

Product Page [Gadget Universe via Sci Fi Tech]