Solar Powered Gadget Charging Purse for Stylish Girl Nerds

If you’re girlfriend is like mine, then you always have to wonder if her phone is charged when you call her. Often she’ll answer, “Hey, baby!” only to be disconnected as the battery dies, unable to call again until it’s slightly charged 30 minutes later.

That’s why I’m strongly considering purchasing her a Power Purse. The stylish handbag is covered in solar panels and has USB power ports inside, allowing her iPod, cellphone, or anything else to charge up as she walks around doing her thing, or even just sitting at the bar.

The problem is, we’re sure this neat idea is just vaporware at this point, but doesn’t it look cool? We hope this wearable device goes into production at some point, because it combines two of our favorite things: gadgets and girls.

Power Purse [SOLARJO]