LG Fuses Art And Air-Conditioning Together As ARTCOOL

Damn those Europeans! The finest fashion, the fastest cars, and now priceless works of air-conditioning! Apparently, air conditioners haven’t caught on in Europe as much as LG has liked them to. So as a strategic new approach to marketing an air conditioner, LG has unveiled its new line of units called ARTCOOL. In a nutshell, it basically is an air conditioner with a picture frame on the front and vents on the sides. This way, your guests see fine pieces of artwork while you and your company stay cool.

I’d love to get one of these and throw a silly Andy Warhol print inside of it. One of the most fantastic ideas LG has come up with though. Who wants an unsightly air conditioner in their room? Not I for one.

Put a Klimt or a Picasso in your air-conditioner [Akihabara News]