Congress Introduces Digital Fair Use Bill – An End To DRM?

Sometimes it takes bold moves for real action to happen. Lucky for us, Representatives Richard Boucher from Virginia and John Dolittle from California have the guts to stand up to the RIAA and say “We don’t need no stinkin’ DRM!” The digital fair use bill was introduced to Congress today, which is supposed to give customers more rights when buying digital content. Basically, it’s a way of giving DRM the boot and handing choice back into the arms of the consumer.

Maybe Steve Jobs will get his wish of having a DRM-free iTMS this year, though I’m not holding my breath. If there ever was a time to call your congressman/woman or state rep., now is the time to do it. Let’s show groups like the RIAA and MPAA that we’re sick of their crap and we demand change.

Digital ‘Fair Use’ Bill Introduced In Congress [Washington Post]