Live From Vegas: New Sony Cyber-shot Camera Line Detects Faces

Sony pulled the curtain back from a gaggle of digital cameras today. The big feature is the new face-detection tech: Which they claim automatically focuses in on up to eight (count’em: EIGHT) faces. Plus, if they move or you move, the focus follows (which is good, because getting eight people to stand still ain’t easy, as anybody in a ska band can tell you.)

Also of note: All these cams come with outputs for viewing your multi-megapixel pics in high-def on your (surely Bravia) HDTV.

Click the jump to see full details and pics on these new pic-takers.

Cyber-shot DSC-T100
A nice-looking svelte pocket cam, the T100 snaps 8.1-megapixels using a 5x-optical-zooming Carl Zeiss lens, and shows them on a bulging 3-inch LCD. It also features the same processing engine as the Alpha SLR, which they claim gives it fast processing speed and quick response times. And a max ISO of 3200 surely doesn’t hurt for low-light shooting.

Hits in March for about $400.

Cyber-shot DSC-H9

8.1 megapixels and a disgusting 15x-optical-zooming Carl Zeiss lens. This is sort of the spy cam of the bunch: The 3-inch LCD swivels in every which way, for versatile upskirt shooting, and “NightShot” technology supposedly lets you shoot in “virtually no light.” Also boasts that Alpha-esque processing engine, and a nice 3200 ISO. Overall, looks far from shabby.

Hits in April for about $480.

Cyber-shot DSC-T20
The fact that there’s nothing too notable about this camera is a testament to how amazing compact cams have become of late: 8.1-megapixels, a 3x-optical-zooming Carl Zeiss lens, and a 2.5-inch LCD screen. Not to mention a 3200 ISO. Won’t blow your mind, but solid.

Hits in April for about $330.

Cyber-shot DSC-W200

Claims to be the “most compact” 12-megapixel camera. Sports a 2.5-inch LCD and a 3x-optical-zooming Carl Zeiss lens. 3200 ISO.

May, ~$400.

Cyber-shot W-90
8.1 megapixels, 2.5-inch LCD, 3x-optical-zooming Carl Zeiss lens. 3200 ISO.

March, for about $300.

Cyber-shot DSC-W80
7.2 megapixels, 2.5-inch LCD, 3x-optical-zooming Carl Zeiss lens. 3200 ISO. All the same…

March, for about $250