Patent Monkey: Amazing Nokia Cell Phone Screen and Game Time

Thanks to some newly minted cell phone patents, Nokia is getting the attention as a top player in locking up their technologies in the past couple weeks. Notably, Nokia has recently got a patent on a in-any-direction cell phone display and gaming cellphone adapter.

Nokia has patented a cellphone display in any direction using an orientation sensor. This won’t impact the iPhone, if you’re wondering, because its narrowed to a phone with “hard keys.” For the tons of phones that aren’t $500, having a wider screen and the ability to connect to video now available through Slingbox along with the ability to flip the display around is a nice improvement.

On a lighter note, Nokia thought up with a way to use a stylus to quickly slide in a joystick on your cell phone or PDA with a track ball. What would be cool is to make this a Sony PS3 or Nintendo Wii add-on where you could use your cell phone as a controller. Many Nokia phones already have rumble vibration, Bluetooth is being added for VOIP, and from the above you’d have some kind of orientation sensors for your video screen to wrap it all up. Crazy, but not that crazy.