ATI's New Mac-Specific Radeon Breathes Fire, Kills Dragons, Has CrossFire

This is the Radeon X2800XT with CrossFire technology. It’s a mammoth of a video card. And if rumors hold true, it’ll hit the streets this April at NAB in Las Vegas. But you won’t be able to buy this guy off the shelf just then. No, the X2800XT with CrossFire will be incorporated into the updated MacPros we’ve been hearing about. And that’s an exclusive deal, pal.

These cards are insane. Clocked at 800MHz with 1GB of on-board video RAM, the cards can take advantage of a spare PCI socket to double-up their power, that’s the CrossFire bit. The rumors say Apple will launch Macs with the cards pre-installed alongside Adobe’s launch of CS3 for OS X, and its own 8-way Mac Pros. That is a lot of muscle, but CS3 is by and far the perfect software suite to take advantage of the power.

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