Worst Workspace Challenge

Geeks are known to live, literally, at their desks. Their workspace can become somewhat personalized and cluttered. Sometimes massively so. If you think your workspace is one of the best (meaning worst), hop on over to CrunchGear and check out their workspace challenge. Whoever sends in a picture with the most ridiculously horrible workspace wins a new Steelcase chair.

To enter, we need pictures of the worst workspaces. This includes your desk, chair, general work environment, etc. We want to see disaster. Papers everywhere, gum stuck to stuff, coffee spilled, broken chairs, smashed desks, whatever. It needs to be Bad, with a capital B. Send your entries to contest at crunchgear dot com with the subject “Worst Workspace Challenge.”.

I can’t wait to see these pictures. And by the way, TechCrunch employees are not eligible (I actually think I’d have a shot at winning this).