Verizon Wireless Launching Justin Timberlake Channels on V Cast

JT-themed V Cast channels for your handset.

No, really.

If you’ve got a V Cast-capible phone, you’ll have access to four Timberlake video channels: fashion, lifestyle, music, and film. From what we can tell, these channels will have exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of JT doing his thing, his thoughts on the state of American cinema, fashion tips from the man himself, and special musical content.

We don’t know how we feel about this. We like JT, Justified is a great album (no, really), but the idea of tuning into a 1.2-inch LCD to watch a music video is something we’ll never get used to. Now then, if it was, say, prince, we’d be into it, as he’d be almost lifesize. (Zing!)

Verizon Wireless and Justin Timberlake Present JT-TV — First Artist to Offer Exclusive Programming on Verizon Wireless V CAST [Press Release]