MyBarackObama: Who Built This?

Everyone’s buzzing about the new social network that presidential hopeful Barack Obama launched today on his website. Lots of opinions from the experts on what’s good about it, what’s been left off, etc.

All I really want to know is, who built this for them? It launched basically feature-complete and bug free, which would be very hard to do without an extended beta. My bet is that one of the white label providers built this for them, although there is no indication of that that I’ve been able to find in the terms of service or anywhere on the site.

Marc Canter at People Aggregator confirms it’s not them. It could be the recently acquired Five Across, which runs a NHL social network. One commenter on Digg said it looks like it’s running “Friendster 1.0 alpha software on a Speak n’ Spell” which is funny but, I assume, not accurate.

If anyone know’s who’s software is behind this, please let us know. They just had a very big marketing event occur for them.