Searchles Nabs Another Angel Round

searchleslogo.pngWashington D.C based community search engine Searchles has grabbed another angel round today, topping off $600K of previous funding with another $300K. More than half of that total funding has gone towards developing the proprietary search engine Dumbfind that underlies Searchles.

Searchles lets you save and tag via bookmarklet like Delicious, but has a finer grained control when searching and sharing links. Searching in Searchles looks through “circles” (ergo Searchles) of users based on their relationship to you. You can search through links posted by everyone, yourself, friends, friends of friends, people who favorite your posts, and groups. Here’s an example of a search for “search engine” within the Web 2.0 group. As Digg used to do, Searchles now also recognizes top users and groups in a ranking page.

The new funding comes closely behind Searchles recently released a “push-me/pull-me” widget that brings Searchles bookmarking, tagging, sharing, and commenting right to the page where the link was saved. When the javascript widget is installed on a link, it displays all the Searchles data for that link from the main Searchles site. Within the widget users can save the link to Searchles, tag it, comment, share the link, and quickly bring up other related Searchles links by tag.

Here’s an example for TechCrunch: