ESPN Returns as ESPN for V-Cast

ESPN Mobile, the late MVNO that piggybacked on Verizon’s network, is being reborn, in a sense, as part of Verizon’s V-Cast service. Subscribers will be able to download the ESPN application for their handset, essentially giving it the unique features the ESPN phones enjoyed. In addition, a $3 a day or $15 a month subscription allows the phones to display up-to-the-minute streaming sports scores and stats, as well as other jock-related information.

The deal is still in the works, but when finalized will be offered to any V-Cast subscribers with a compatible phone, and will likely be co-branded as ESPN for V-Cast by the end of March. Verizon is hoping that the exclusive deal will help drive adoption of the premium V-Cast service, as ESPN joins luminaries such as YouTube in being accessible from the mobile phones.

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