Southwest Giving Customers A Free Nintendo DS

Now this is my kind of airline! Southwest today announced that select members of its Rapid Rewards program would be receiving a Nintendo DS Lite and a copy of Brain Age.

Who’s getting one and who isn’t? Southwest has chosen customers based on mileage and membership length, basically meaning that your father who flies business class all the time is getting a DS and you aren’t.

From the release:

…the Rapid Rewards Members who received the Nintendo DS and copy of Brain Age have collectively flown more than 79.2 million miles, spent more than 132,854 hours in the air and represent more than 600 years of membership.

Basically, you shelled out the cash for a DS a longgg time ago if you got one from Southwest. Think of it as a corporation trying really hard to say “Thanks.”

Southwest Airlines Fliers Get Free Nintendo DS [Turbo Nuts]