Sony Gives In, Releases iPod Dock

As far as Sony goes, we’ve always appreciated its Discman and Walkman line of products. But when the iPod strolled in, Sony sort of started to suck in the DAP department. So it really should come as no surprise that Sony is releasing the CPF-IP001 iPod Docking Station. Just a basic docking station, the device comes with two 5-watt speakers and a 15-watt subwoofer, making it a bit louder than most dual-speaker iPod docks.

But wait, what’s that? – let me see that box for a second, Sony. Oh! There’s no “Made for iPod” logo on the side! Guess you suck. If you have $250 and a PS3, I think you’ve found yourself a dock made in heaven. It’s available now.

Sony CPF-IP001 iPod Docking Station [Mobile Whack]