Radio.Blog.Club Now Accessible through Wii

I haven’t touched a Wii since Nov. Back then the network stuff was not yet functional. It was a letdown for me that left a hole in the system’s appeal. Now with Nintendo now rolling out Online features, the Wii is becoming more-and-more desirable.

Nintendo has launched its news and weather channels and the Opera browser is now functional. We’re beginning to see the inevitable impact of this functionality. One of the first services to announce Wii compatibility of a very cool web app called Radio.Blog.Club.

My understanding of the service is that it indexes tracks available on the Internet and allows you to play them through an intuitive web interface. Sort of like Pandora, but with control over what you’re hearing. What’s more, the service allows you to create playlists of the tracks you like and play them without dredging the database every time. You can then share your playlists with friends and other Radio.Blog.Club users.

It’s an interesting service that is made cooler by its early proliferation to Wii. Goes Wii! [Go2Web2]