Hot Swappable iPods Coming?

It’s Friday so that can only mean two things: Another Apple rumor is upon us and I’ve been drinking too much whiskey to make John look prettier. This time around, a recent patent filing indicates Apple has filed for a “hot unpluggable media storage device.” The patent then goes on to propose ideas for quickly unmounting a device without having to do so through iTunes/Finder. It would work so that when the computer wants access to an iPod, it would jump on and access data just fine, but otherwise would keep the iPod unmounted.

An interesting move from Apple, but by all means a welcome one I’m sure. I’d like nothing more than to not have to wait 15-20 seconds to unmount my 5G iPod when I’m in a hurry. Perhaps we’ll see this on the next revision of the iPod?

Apple working on hot unpluggable iPods [Apple Insider]