Athena Gets Priced And Grows A Cup Size

T-Mo has confirmed shipment of the Athena or Ameo as it’s being dubbed to the UK and Germany. The Deutschland can get theirs for 500 Euro in March. No word on price or release date in the UK but expect price and shipment to be around the same for the Brits. Where does that leave us?

Rumor has it we’ll be seeing it stateside with Cingular and not T-mo! WTF?!

According to some sources in Asia HTC plans to launch it as the HTC X7500. HTC’s subsidiary in China says they will begin shipping their clones as the U1000 as early as next week. So who gets what? That’s what I’d like to know.

Oh and HTC is said to be working on a bigger Athena with a 7 inch screen rumored to be launched in Q2.

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