HD DVD to Fail, PS3 Bites Back, and Big TVs For Cheap: CNET Predicts

David Carnoy, fairly well-known guy who is aware of technology, dropped a list of seven predictions for 2007. He seems just about spot on about some of them — 60-inch plasma for $2,000, digital photo frames being the next smash consumer product — but it will be interesting to see how some of his more controversial opinions pan out. First, he believes that HD-DVD is dead and Blu-Ray wins. He’s also saying that PS3 can right itself in the marketplace and become a serious contender. Fair enough — Blu-Ray and PS3 won’t disappear, they’ll just become “another format” and “another console,” not the juggernauts Sony’s investors are looking for. Oh, and he also faux-views the iPhone, saying that journos will fawn over it yet harp on its many problems. Fair enough.

Seven tech predictions for ’07 [CNET]