Performancing Descends Into Chaos – Shareholders Squabble Publicly

Yesterday evening we wrote about the shuttering of the second of three services at Performancing, as well as CEO Nick Wilson’s recent departure.

Apparently Wilson, who says he still owns 35% of the business, isn’t happy about the closing of Performancing’s ad network. In fact, he doesn’t seem to have known it was happening. On his personal blog, he writes:

I don’t know what the communication problem between Performancing management is, but there appears to have been some decision making without the benefit of having all the facts.

When I resigned from the company and passed the reigns to Chris, the situation needed a lot of work, but was OK – we had a couple of options on the table for moving forward including picking up talks with one prominent blog player re the aquisition of PFF, or ScribeFire as it’s now known.

I’ve emailed Chris and Patrick, though at the time I’ve no idea if Patrick will still be playing an active role as him and Bill, from Text Link Ads need to dump their shares in Performancing this year due to non-competes after their MediaWhizz aquisition.

Dont count Performancing out just yet.

It sounds like Performancing needs to have a shareholder meeting to work this stuff out. Soon.