Quickoffice 4 for Symbian S60 Out Now

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While the small screen might not be ideal for writing the Great American Novel, it’s great for last-minute changes or reviews of documents. Quickoffice 4, the latest rendition of the popular mobile software, does just that and is now available for Symbian S60-powered handsets, giving users read and write capabilities on the fly.

At $50, the price seems to be a bit steep for phone software, but if you’re a real road warrior, it might be worth the moola to be able to edit your PowerPoint slides on the go.

If document reading is all you need, though, Quickoffice offers a file viewer for free, a way to get a taste of mobile docs without the up-front fee. Both are available as downloads now for a variety of different smartphones running S60 3rd Edition.

Quickoffice 4 [Quickoffice.com]

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