Voice Changing Kit Allows For Maximum Cheap Thrills

You know damn well every time you watch Star Wars, you wish you could talk like Darth Vader. Creepy voice, vocoder in full effect: you’d be the talk of the town. Well now a cheap little DIY voice changing kit will allow you to live out your geek fantasy. The MK171 Digital Voice Changer Kit costs a mere $12.95 and comes with a built-in mic. All you need is a 9V battery and an enclosure for the board.

You can do all kinds of fun stuff with this little gadget: make prank calls, record horrible electro-pop songs, and piss off everyone in your immediate surrounding. It comes with a line out port too in case you want to record yourself.

DIY Voice Changer Kit – I am not your father, Luke [Red Ferret]

Update: These things are so cool looking and so cheap, I just had to order one for myself! When it arrives, I’ll let you know how it fares.