Fox News, Cingular/AT&T Team Up to Spout Filth

If you’re a right-leaning geek in need of your daily propaganda, you go to Fox News. But if you’re on the go, mobile web browsing might not cut it. That’s why you’ll want to dial #FOXN on your Cingular/AT&T phone to be connected to a live audio feed of the crap that comes out of their mouths.

But it’s not free, O’Reilly. It’ll cost you $2.99 a month for the privilege of hearing Hannity mispronounce Obama, as well as standard per-minute charges.

If you’re all willing to PayPal me $2 a month, I’ll just give you Mel Gibson’s home number. That way, you can get your hate fix at a bargain.

Fox News offers audio feeds on cellphones [Reuters]