Breaking: Apple To Open Up FairPlay DRM To Accessory Manufacturers

Whoa Apple! First you were all “Get out of my shit!” with your proprietary iTunes DRM, now you’re all “Come into my humble abode.” What gives? Rumor ’round the mill is that Apple will be making an announcement this week and that the announcement will be the opening up of the FairPlay DRM system to select manufacturers.

The move could not only help manufacturers out by allowing iTMS-songs to play over wireless hi-fi systems and such, but could also settle the score with Cisco over the iPhone trademark dispute. Cisco recently said they’d allow Apple to use the iPhone name if in turn, Apple let them have access to its FairPlay DRM system. A good move for Apple? Totally. Opening up your DRM system, even in the slightest way, is a bold move that will be well received by all.

Report: Apple to open up FairPlay DRM to accessory makers [iLounge]

Update: We have direct confirmation with Cisco that they have not specified any particular terms of agreement on usage of the iPhone name. Thus, Cisco is not currently asking Apple for a peek inside its box of DRM treats. Sorry for the confusion!