CES 2007: Two Queens, No Smoking

Since everyone else has done a post on CES, I believe it is now my turn to share my story with you. CES 2007 was terrible. At least 75% of the stuff there was terrible and compared to CES 2006, 2007’s show was utter garbage. There wasn’t a “stand out” product, the iPhone announcement basically halted activity and coverage on Tuesday, and Josh told me that when two queens are in the room, there’s no smoking.

CES is losing its charm and needs re-vamp. I agree with John that they should ditch the car audio section entirely and more independent and lesser known companies should be showcased. Oh, and the press room lunches? I’m pretty sure kids in Mozambique eat better than we did. If you’re familiar with the daily podcast Rocketboom, be sure to check out last week’s episode on CES Vs. Macworld. It’s the best summation of the two events yet.