Pharos Brings GPS-Enabled Smartphone to USA

We like the E-Ten Glofiish X500, a Windows Mobile 5 smartphone with a true GPS receiver built-in. Pharos will be the first label to carry the handset in America, calling it the GPS Phone, because it’s imaginative. To be announced tomorrow, it will be sold as an unlocked GSM smartphone, for about $700 at “major retail outlets”, which means you might actually see this high-end phone around. Being sold “unlocked” means that you pop your standard T-Mobile or Cingular SIM in, and you’re good to go, no configuration or calls to the so-called “Customer Care” line. To make that price tag even more justifiable, you also get WiFi, Bluetooth, a 2-Megapixel camera, and a MicroSD slot.

The goal here isn’t just to have maps and directions, but a full location-based suite of software that will get you where you’re going with little or no thought on your part, making it an ideal choice for our editors here. We’re hoping to see more GPS units married to smartphones, and as today’s advanced features continue to become tomorrow’s standards, this is something well on the horizon.

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