AOL Founder's Next Startup: Revolution Health

AOL Co-founder Steve Case, who left Time Warner (AOL’s parent company) in 2005, has effectively launched his next startup – Revolution Health. The domain name still shows a landing page, but the preview site is wide open to all comers.

Revolution Health is not a health search engine, and is clearly different than Healthline, the vertical health-related search engine that launched in late 2005, or recent health search startup Medstory.

Revolution Health is a health-related portal site and social network. Users are urged to ask questions and answer other users’ questions, rate their doctors, participate in online discussions and otherwise contribute content. The site also has a number of tools to help people become more healthy, such as a calculatSor that shows how long you need to do a given activity to lose a pound of weight, and a tool for showing you how much money you’ll save if you quit smoking.

Every user has a profile page where they can link up to other users, set personal goals and aggregate content they’ve contributed to the site.