Purported Transformers Gadget-bot Prototypes

We always discuss handy gadgets that fit in your pockets; cellphones, digital cameras, game systems. But, like many of you, we got our love of all things gadgety via a lovely line of toys from the early-to-mid ’80s: Transformers.

That’s why we find it exceedingly fitting that the script for the new Michael Bay Transformers film, opening July 4th, calls for a handful of gadgets that transform into small robots. What’s really fun is that action figures of these little guys are in the works, and herein we bring you photographs of the (supposed) prototypes of these action figures, mostly because there isn’t much happening until CES next week, and because we can. More after the jump!

The script explicitly says that one character’s iPod gets the Transformer’s treatment, but we’re guessing his Steveness is in cahoots with Megatron, as there’s no MP3 player included. That evil robot.

Also, tell the class: who was your favorite gadgety Transformer? Soundwave? Reflector? Perceptor? Blaster? One of the many, many others?

More Transformers Movie images and prototypes [Beardorama’s Flickr]