CrunchGear Week in Review: New Year's Tattoo

Presents, Past, and Future
Philipp Goedicke

The Happy [1], Merry [2] time is passed
And how did we all fare?
Did we get items meant to last
Or fleeting as the air?
If that tattoo is not for you
Just laser off the ink. [3]
Trade PS3 for someone’s Wii. [4]
(Drive Sony folks to drink.)
And all you bloggers keeping track:
MS wants its laptops back.* [5]

With presents gone, the present’s here
And what are we to do
But turn from deadlines looming near
And check the year that’s through.
Amazon shows its “best of” side, [6]
iTunes more than doubled, [7]
bloggers get objectified, [8]
Ziff Davis seems quite troubled. [9]

But all the tasks you try to shirk
Will not just go away.
Pull up your chair [10], say, “Back to work,”
And take it day by day.
On day one you might cheat at chess [11]
Or think of old role-playing [12],
Or take a peek at Gotham’s mess
And watch the cars delaying. [13]

Best yet, you might plot office-coups
By crafting office-guns, [14]
Or craft some jokes – you cannot lose –
And guide the little ones. [15]

* Not really, it’s just legalese. But bloggers seem real hard to please.

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