Cute Hello Kitty iPod Radio With Clock

You know, guys aren’t the only gadget buffs out there. Girls love to read about gadgets that cater to them as well. I’m not saying all girls love Hello Kitty/Sanrio either; my friend kicked my ass the other day in Gears of War but still has a Badtz Maru doll.

So today Spectra introduced the KT4560 Hello Kitty iPod Clock Radio. This cutie-patootie iPod dock comes with built-in controls, video out, AM/FM radio, an iPod dock, and an auxillary jack in case you suck and don’t have an iPod. The dock even features a cute sleeping Kitty on top. No word on pricing, availability, or exact level of cuteness

Spectra intros Hello Kitty iPod clock radio [Electronista]