Why The PS3 Is A Decent Bargain: $749 Blu-Ray Drives

People moan and bitch about how the PS3 costs $600 and so on. Well if you were considering buying a Blu-Ray drive for your home theater, a PS3 may be your cheapest bet. As I strolled through a Best Buy today, I noticed it was selling internal Blu-Ray drives for a whopping $749 a pop. That’s some serious moola, even they let you burn to still-expensive Blu-Ray discs. So if you don’t care about games and want a Blu-Ray drive just for playing a movie, I’d say go with a Playstation 3 for now.

Though if you’ve got money to burn from Xmas and want to go all out on your machine, expect to shell out about a grand for the drive, blank discs, and a few movies. Your call kiddies.