Teclast Says Touch Me

Teclast has introduced a new touch-screen MP3 player that’s a smidge smaller than a credit card. Of course, we won’t be seeing one in the States, but hey at least we can dream and drool in the meantime.

The C260 features a plethora of goods but unfortunately nothing new or ground-breaking. So this sucka’ has a 260,000 color TFT 2.4-inch QVGA LCD touchscreen, does the amount of colors it displays play into the model number? If it does, I’ve gotta say that’s pretty lame.

Battery life seems to be good at 12 hours but this may vary depending on how much video you play. It also has an FM radio with 20 presets and recording functionality which seems to be a standard these days. Transfer your data via USB 2.0 and microSD card slot. What the crap is ‘learning function’? You got me but it has that too. Games, photos, e-books and all that jazz are included as well.

If you’re in China or know someone who is you can get one for a mere $50 give or take.

Touch Me [Teclast]