Wiimote Mod: Electronic Drums

We’ve yet to see anything representing the drum kit demo shown at E3 this year hit the Nintendo Wii yet, but if you’re yearning to play drums using the Wiimote, check out this new mod. Bob Somers has put together a PC app that lets you play an electronic drum kit using the Wiimote (though, he kind of sucks at it.) An interesting thing I noticed while watching the video is that there are also keys on the keyboard mapped to the electronic drums (the same way a MIDI controller is in Reason.)

This makes me question whether or not you could record Wiimote hits into some kind of recording software. It would be much easier (and intuitive) to use the Wiimote to record real time drum samples. The only thing that’s missing is the Nunchuck, which would make playing the drums a bit easier, and much more realistic.

Wii Drum Machine [destructoid]