Xmas Tree Made Of Crappy Electronics

We realize it’s cool to be a geek and all, but some people really get into it. Example A: The Electronic Xmas Tree. Built with cold cathodes, blacklights, LEDs and completed with a Hello Kitty angel on top, this thing screams Sanrio fan/geek. Says Flickr user Jovino who posted the photo:

“This tree was made (almost) completely from pre-existing stuff around my house. The foundation consists of modular wire shelf units connected with bailing wire. Plushies are stuffed into every conceivable space with a Hello Kitty angel at the top. The lights are LEDs and the icicles are black-light cold cathodes; the bottom ones being fluorescent. The top 5″ tv plays snow and the bottom one plays the yule log. Yay, make-shift tree! Check out the full-size for all the glorious detail!”

If only everybody had one of these Xmas would be a hell of a lot cooler. The 5-inch TV screens are a nice touch, too. And yes, we know this isn’t exactly “gear,” but we thought it might inspire you to do a little tech holiday decorating.

Flickr Photo [via Make]