Wiimote's Strap Put To The Test

In that last couple weeks there have been numerous complaints about the sturdiness of the Wiimote’s strap and it’s tendency to break. Since the launch of the Wii, I’ve had more than three parties where gamers and non-gamers alike come together, drink lots of beer and play Wii. My friends aren’t exactly the type to be calm either, if you were to walk in to my apartment during one of these events, you could take a peek at pure minigame chaos. Yet, none of my Wiimote straps have been broken and no controllers have been thrown across the room. Once in a while the Wiimote will hit something (or someone) that is close to it, but that is entirely the users fault.

Nintendojo decided to take matters into its own hands and put the Wii strap to the test. The Wiimote strap was first tested while playing and “accidentally” letting the Wiimote go. Even when the user tried to purposely cause the strap to break off by letting the Wiimote go, the strap stayed intact. The second aspect that was measured was the detachable strength of the strap (how much the strap could hold without breaking off the Wiimote), check out the pics:

The strap held its ground even with 25 pounds of books and 100 fl oz of Mountain Fresh laundry detergent hanging from it. That is pretty damn tough. The only thing the tester at Nintendojo could do to break the strap was intentionally rip it out of the Wiimote using both hands. Now, doesn’t that help clear up the whole strap being “too weak” crap? I hope so. Just remember to keep the strap around your wrist at all times while playing, it’s your fault if you let the Wiimote go and don’t have the strap on and it decides to hit make a new hole in your wall.

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