Linksys Jumps the Gun with 802.11n for USB

Do you want pre-standardized 802.11n connectivity but don’t want to wait until it’s all officliazed? Linksys is here to help you, readers. If you’ve got a USB port, you can have 802.11n, with its uber-fast data rates and longer range.

Looking like an old-skool radio microphone, the WUSB300N joins the list of “pre-N” devices on the market. And, like the others, you take a slight chance with getting one: the dongle’s guts are based on the as-of-yet un-approved draft spec of the N revision. This means it’s entirely possible that, if changes are made before the standard is certified, this will become junk in a drawer.

Linksys Launches WUSB300N USB WiFi Adapter [TechDigest]