EV-DO Rev. A Coming to Verizon Very Soon

Verizon users jealous of the high-speed EV-DO Revision A power that Sprint has been handing down from on high can take heart; VZN has announced that it has already stealthily rolled out its Rev. A network in several American markets, and has plans to light it up soon.

There have been rumors to this extent recently, but a spokesman just confirmed them as fact to GigaOM. Though none of the current devices offered by Verizon are advertised as supporting the newer standard yet, but it’s likely that many phones will automagically switch to Rev A when and where available, while others will need a firmware upgrade. Some older phones, however, will be left out in the cold, so look for special offers to upgrade at the launch. If you’ve been putting off a new handset, that would be the time.

Rev A Showdown, Sprint vs Verizon [GigaOM]