Ford Racing: 1, 2, 3, Bankruptcy

If you prefer a trip to the local arcade over playing video games at home, take a seat on Ford’s new twin-unit arcade racing machine. The $19,000 arcade machine features Ford Racing: Full Blown, which includes cars like the 68′ Mustang GT and the SVT Cobra. The arcade machine also gives you force feedback steering wheels, driving pedals, racing chairs and 12 tracks. The arcade game even updates itself at preset date with 8 new cars and 12 new tracks. Though the Ford Racing arcade machine comes with a few good features, there’s nothing that justifies that $19k price tag. I’d expect something more along the lines of the Daytona Racing arcade machine, which features 8 connected cabinets and racing seats that vibrate and move. Unless you’ve got money spraying out of your pockets, I think you’ll be more than OK with Xbox 360’s force feedback steering wheel and a copy of Burnout Revenge.

Ford Racing: 1, 2, 3, Bankruptcy [uncrate]