Sprint U720 Brings EV-DO Rev. A to USB

You may or may not remember the Novatel EV-DO Rev. A USB dongle from Sprint that Mr. Hickey reported on way back in Octubre. Well the U720 has started to surface and SlashGear has an exclusive (!!!!) review of it up.

Mr. Davies from SlashGear was able to get a not unimpressive 342Kbps down and 127Kbps up. Also notable is the fact that he was able to run it on OS X. So I guess if you count yourself among that mass of Apple users who can’t use all the cool hardware out there, such as most wireless broadband cards, this could be a solution for you.

And go ahead and check out the full review or I’ll keep calling everyone Mr.

Sprint’s U720 EVDO Rev.A USB Adaptor