M2 Convert Winners: Day 02

Argh. Sorry for the delay in announcing these, everyone. We’ve been having some technical difficulties and I wanted to give people the night to respond on yesterday’s pieces.

I’ve got 11 winners for you here. Jon, who won on the day 01, graciously gave up his copy because he didn’t have an iPod or a PSP. Anyway, make the jump to learn if you’ve won:

  • brklynsurfer
  • Ben Dalton
  • Peterh2o
  • Bob
  • Kelley
  • Cadet
  • ChaoticLimbs
  • paperflowers
  • Bola
  • Wallosoup
  • Peter
  • Thanks for participating everyone. I’ll be contacting you all soon.

    And don’t forget, we’ve still got 80 more copies to give away. So if you want to win, just keep on commenting and be sure to plug your email address into the form. Plus one lucky commenter this week will win the grand prize, a brand new Samsung Blackjack.