Gifttagging Widget Helps You Get Gifts You Actually Want

Last Christmas my dad gave me “Love Smart” by Dr. Phil. It was horrifying. This year, I am taking the necessary steps to make sure something like that never happens again!

I started with UK-based We covered the company in April in comparison to MyPickList. Gifttagging has a new widget that installs two icons in the toolbar. One lets you tag any page, sending the link directly to your wishlist. The other sends you to your Gifttagging home page. Both are available for Firefox and IE.

gifttagging_icons.jpgI love the tagging icon but it’s a little intrusive. I don’t love that every time I tag something, it sends me directly to an input page where I have to fill in the price and description of the item. I’d prefer to get a small pop-up where I could input the necessary info, save it, close it, and continue on my merry shopping way. That way I wouldn’t have to remember how much the item costs and any description details.

The second icon, however, is pretty unnecessary. I don’t need an icon to take me to my Gifttagging homepage. I can just bookmark that. I don’t like unnecessary usage of my browser real estate.

Inviting (and uninviting) others to see your wishlist is really easy. You can also keep different wishlists for different occasions and import wishlists from Amazon.

MyPickList allows users to send wishlist updates via RSS, blogs, or social networks. You also earn commission if someone buys from one of the vendors on your list. That’s pretty hard to compete with but I think the winning program will be the one that necessitates the least amount of work for both the giver and the receiver. Either way, I still don’t think my dad would use this. He would certainly ignore the email inviting him to join Gifttagging and most likely wouldn’t use the widget. But at least I can keep track of the links in Gifttagging, send them to him in an old-fashioned email, and try not to be a spoiled little ingrate.