Holidays 2006: Must Have Wii and PS3 Accessories

If you were one of the tens of thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands) of people who lined for hours, or even days, for a chance to get a Sony PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii, and actually scored a system you probably thought you were all set. But after a long night, you likely forgot something… or more to the point Sony and Nintendo planned to get a few more dollars from you with stuff that wasn’t in the box. But even then you might not have everything to get the absolute most out of these systems. Here’s a list of a few accessories and peripherals that you’ll want to put on the holiday list.

Memory – Remember when the old systems each had their own specific memory cards? Well, those days are long gone as the PS3 and Wii have moved to SD for transferring of saved games, downloads and other content. SanDisk has even introduced a line of Wii-branded SD cards, starting at $34.99 for a 512MB card.
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Second Controller – It is standard these days for the systems to ship with only one controller, so if you didn’t pick a second controller already, add it to the holiday list. And for the Wii consider getting the “Wii Classic” controller for those games you might download, especially if you don’t have a GameCube controller.
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Surge Protector – OK, you just dropped $600 on the PS3 and/or $250 on the Wii. Protect that investment with a quality power supply that includes a detected surge protector. Available for as low as $20, this also makes sure you have plenty of outputs too.
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Wii Component Video Cable – the Nintendo Wii supports 480p resolution, and if you have a TV that can display progressive scan then the first upgrade should be a component video cable… but these won’t be available until Dec. 1! This is almost worth waiting in line to buy!
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HDMI cable for the PS3 – likewise if your TV has HDMI inputs then go get an HDMI cable. These cables aren’t cheap, but if you dropped $600 on a system, you should plan to spend another $100 for a quality cable, such as the PureAV line of cables from Belkin.

1080p TV – The PS3 supports 1080p resolution, so there is finally a reason to make the move to a new HD set. With prices below $2,000 for some DLP sets, such as the Samsung 50-inch HL-S5087W. This is a bigger investment than the PS3 and Wii combined, but worth every penny.
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Stuff You Don’t Need

And for every accessory you should think about for your gaming pleasure, there are probably a dozen things that you don’t need:

Console stand – the designers took the time to figure out how you might use the system, so you probably don’t need a second stand from a third-party company.

Travel pack – if you’re taking your console on the go, don’t buy a travel pack. Save your money as you already have a great travel case… it’s called the box it came in!

Universal cleaning cloth – because a rag or towel isn’t good enough?

Wii controller glove – yes, someone took the time to invent a glove for the Wii controller… we don’t know why!

Happy gaming!