Fabrik Launches Myfabrik – Google Yawns, Has Sandwich

Oh boy. I hope you guys are excited on this bitterly cold Tuesday because in Silicon Valley, things are getting HOT! A service called Myfabrik is being released today after beta testing. It’s going to change the way you use the web, I swear. You’ll be able to do things you’d never thought possible, such as share files online (up to 1GB), share videos, photos, and the ability to share your thoughts with other people publicly. Groundbreaking stuff here folks.

Don’t get me wrong, Fabrik has the ability to create a decent website by combining multiple services that we use every day. But for now, Myfabrik is looking like just another Web 2.0 startup capitalizing on the success of others through integration. We’ve used MyFabrik in early stages and run the Maxtor Fusion drive which has it built-in and so far it is a serviceable, platform. The UI is a bit peaked, but that can get ironed out in future builds.

Something to take a look at? Sure. Something to call grandma about? Naw. Let her sleep.

Myfabrik – The YouTube and Flickr of Online Storage? [Read/Write Web]
Product Page