PlayStation 3 Launch Line for Charity

So the PS3 launched yesterday to the tune of 400,000 units across the US. Gamers everywhere swarmed electronics stores hoping to get their hands on one of the coveted consoles. There were all sorts of reports of violence and general shenanigans. One PS3 was even smashed right in front of the store it was purchased at, while those waiting in line looked on in disgust and horror.

This story is a bit different and perhaps somewhat touching. In an effort to raise money for Child’s Play, the charity to aid sick kiddies that was founded by the guys at Penny Arcade, ScrewAttack waited in line for five days for a PS3 and then auctioned it off for charity. The auction generated a substantial $3200 which was donated in full to Child’s Play.

Ah noble causes. Kind of makes me feel bad for being such a bastard. Anyway, go donate. Seriously.